Freddy Moreira


Ladies and gentlemen, Freddy Moreira is in the house!

Next to his high-energy style, this down to earth guy is known to be a real ladies man.

Freddy is one of the most-booked artists in the Netherlands and reached this status due to several extremely good mix tapes and his explosive live shows are the reason for his ever-growing fan base. His DJ sets are characterized as dynamic and eclectic because of the fast-paced mixing style.

It seems there is not anyone in the eclectic scene who has not been blown away by his power and energy on stage. In fact, this wonder boy generates millions of online plays and is one of the most listened to Dutch DJs in the eclectic scene (SoundCloud 5mil, YouTube 2,5 mil). Furthermore, his fan base is rapidly increasing on a daily basis on other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube, and Soundcloud.